AUTOLITE 25 - Возможные свечи зажигания

Альтернативные свечи зажигания для AUTOLITE 25:

Brand Model
Accel 0576
Accel 0576S
Accel 274
Accel 576
Accel P576
ACDelco 41-905
ACDelco 44TS
ACDelco CR43TS
ACDelco CR44TS
ACDelco CR45TS
ACDelco R43TS
ACDelco R43TSK
ACDelco R44TS
ACDelco RF#2
Atlas C36R
Atlas C36R4
Beck Arnley 176-5179
Beru CS1K
Blue Lightning BL642
Bosch 0242229528
Bosch 7575
Bosch 7975
Bosch H9B
Bosch H9BC
Bosch HR8BC
Bosch HR9B
Bosch HR9BC
Bosch WA125T40
Bosch WA125TR40
Bosch YR9B
Brisk HR17YC
Champion 18
Champion 18CC
Champion 4018
Champion 52
Champion 5942
Champion 83
Champion BL13Y
Champion RBL13Y
Champion RBL15Y
Champion RBL15Y4
Champion RV12YC
Champion RV15YC
Champion RV15YC4
Champion RV91MC
Champion UBL13Y
Champion stk 406
Delphi 22431
Delphi 22531
Delphi 32221
Denso 5024
Denso 5025
Denso 5026
Denso 5330
Denso ITF16
Denso T16P-U
Denso T16PR
Denso T16PR-U
Denso T16PR-U11
Denso T16PRU
Denso stk 5025
General Motors 5613325
Mighty M4F42
Mighty RF42
Mopar 4318135
Mopar SP0RV15YC4
Motorcraft 450
Motorcraft 856
Motorcraft AF42
Motorcraft AF42C
Motorcraft ARF42
Motorcraft ASF42
Motorcraft ASF42C
Motorcraft SP-450
Motorcraft stk 50
Napa X741
Napa X941
NGK 2423
NGK 4762
NGK 6630
NGK stk 2423
NGK stk 6630
Precision Tune P4RF42
Prestolite 14F42
Prestolite 14RF42
Prestolite 14RF52
Splitfire CC002E
Splitfire SF2E
Splitfire SF2F
Splitfire SM002E
Splitfire SM2E
Torch P5RTC
Valley Forge 23R
Valley Forge 24
Valley Forge 24R
Western Auto 64-1100-3
Western Auto 64-1907-1
Yale & Towne 516484800

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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