KLAXCAR 43010Z - Возможные свечи зажигания

Альтернативные свечи зажигания для KLAXCAR 43010Z:

Brand Model
Alfa Romeo 46521529
AUDI 101000063AA
Beru 0001335914
Bosch 0242236564
Citroen 5960F0
Citroen 5960G5
Citroen 5960J2
Citroen 96009090
Citroen 96024614
Dacia 7700500155
Daihatsu 9004851100000
Febi Bilstein 13412
Febi Bilstein 13421
Febi Bilstein 13423
Febi Bilstein 13424
Febi Bilstein 13426
Febi Bilstein 13427
Febi Bilstein 13429
Febi Bilstein 13432
Febi Bilstein 13517
Febi Bilstein 13518
Febi Bilstein 13521
Febi Bilstein 13603
Fiat 46548478
Fiat 71711808
Fiat 7772453
Ford 1120830
Ford 1120831
Honda 9807956148
JEEP 33003862
Kia K01C18110
Kia K2AA18110
Kia K9A718110
Lancia 46548478
Lancia 71711808
Lancia 7772453
Mazda B69518110
Mazda BP0118110
Mazda BP0218110
Mazda BP0318110
Mazda BP4718110
Mazda BP4918110
Mercedes 31594003
MG NLP000040
Mitsubishi MS851352
Mitsubishi MS851368
Nissan 2240101P16
Nissan 2240110F16
Nissan 2240112E16
Nissan 2240120J06
Nissan 2240185E16
Nissan 22401V5016
Opel 1214009
Opel 1214144
Peugeot 5960F0
Peugeot 5960G5
Peugeot 5960J2
Peugeot 5962C6
Peugeot 5962H2
Peugeot 5962J9
Peugeot 5962K2
Renault 7700500155
Renault 7700500180
Renault 7701042816
Renault 8200307688
Rover NLP000040
SAAB 55564763
SAAB 8819294
Seat 101000063AA
SKODA 101000060AA
SKODA 101000063AA
SKODA 199917764
Subaru 22401AA310
Subaru 22401KA080
Suzuki 948200426
Suzuki 948200427
Suzuki 948200429
Toyota 9091901149
Vauxhall 55564763
Vauxhall 90357582
Vauxhall 91149455
VW Group 101000063AA

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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