NGK 3951 - Возможные свечи зажигания

Подробнее о NGK 3951:

  • Threaddiameter: 14.0 mm
  • Threadreach: 17.5 mm
  • Hexsize: 16 mm

Альтернативные свечи зажигания для NGK 3951:

Brand Model
ACDelco 41600
ACDelco 41601
ACDelco 41606
ACDelco 41902
ACDelco 41913
ACDelco 41919
ACDelco 41921
ACDelco 41929
ACDelco 41932
ACDelco 41936
ACDelco 41940
ACDelco 41942
ACDelco 41943
ACDelco 41947
Autolite 605
Beru 0002630900
Beru Z148
Bosch 0242225623
Bosch 26
Bosch HR9DCY
Brisk GR17YP-5
Denso T20EPR-U15
Denso T20EPRU15
Denso T20TT
Ford 3333704
Ford 3539125
Motorcraft AGSF42C6F4
Motorcraft AWSF32F

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