BECK ARNLEY 176-5180 - Возможные свечи зажигания

Альтернативные свечи зажигания для BECK ARNLEY 176-5180:

Brand Model
ACDelco 42LTS
ACDelco R42LTS
ACDelco R43LTS
ACDelco R44LTS
Autolite 103
Autolite 104
Autolite 105
Autolite 106
Autolite 3243
Autolite 3244
Autolite 3245
Autolite 3246
Autolite 3565
Autolite 3724
Autolite 763
Autolite 765
Autolite 766
Autolite 865
Autolite AR764
Bosch H8DC
Bosch H9DC
Bosch HR10DCX
Bosch HR7DC
Bosch HR8BC
Bosch HR8DCX
Bosch HR9DC
Bosch HR9DCX
Bosch stk 7567
Bosch stk 7570
Bosch stk 7574
Bosch stk 7579
Champion 2013
Champion 2401
Champion 2408
Champion 4401
Champion 4408
Champion RS12YC
Champion RS14YC
Champion RS17YX
Champion RS9YC
Champion stk 2013
Champion stk 2401
Champion stk 2408
Champion stk 304
Champion stk 401
Champion stk 408
Champion stk 4401
Champion stk 4408
Champion stk 909
Denso T16EPR-U
Denso T16NR-U11
Denso T20EP-U
Denso T20EPR-U
Denso T20NR-U11
Denso stk 5022
Denso stk 5031
Denso stk 5032
Denso stk 5047
Denso stk 5048
General Motors 5613531
General Motors 5613611
General Motors 5613717
General Motors 5614210
Mighty M4GRF32
Mighty M4GRF52
Mopar 4318134
Mopar 4504278
Mopar 82300319
Mopar 82300325
Motorcraft AGSF22C
Motorcraft AGSF32C
Motorcraft AGSF52C
Motorcraft AHGSF22C
Motorcraft ASF32C
Motorcraft AWSF42C
Motorcraft AWSF52C
Motorcraft stk 15
Motorcraft stk 19
Motorcraft stk 27
Motorcraft stk 32
Motorcraft stk 42
Motorcraft stk 5
NGK stk 2238
Splitfire SM010D

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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