DENSO T20EPR-U - Возможные свечи зажигания

Альтернативные свечи зажигания для DENSO T20EPR-U:

Brand Model
AC Delco 41-810
AC Delco 41810
AC Delco 42LTS
AC Delco 6
AC Delco AC8
AC Delco C42CLTS
AC Delco MR42LTS
AC Delco MR43LTS
AC Delco R42CLTS
AC Delco R42CLTS4
AC Delco R42CLTS6
AC Delco R42CLTS6H
AC Delco R42LTS
AC Delco R42LTS4
AC Delco R42LTSM
AC Delco R42LTSMB4
AC Delco R43LTS
AC Delco R43LTSE
AC Delco R43LTSM
AC Delco R44LT
AC Delco R44LTS
Accel 514
Autolite 103
Autolite 104
Autolite 3243
Autolite 3244
Autolite 3245
Autolite 3246
Autolite 3565
Autolite 3724
Autolite 483
Autolite 5143
Autolite 5144
Autolite 5164
Autolite 5243
Autolite 5245
Autolite 764
Autolite 766
Autolite 864
Autolite 865
Autolite 945
Autolite 985
Autolite APP103
Autolite AR103
Autolite AR764
Autolite XS985
Beck Arnley 176-5180
Beck Arnley 176-5242
Beck Arnley 176-5261
Beck Arnley 176-9030
Beck Arnley 176-9032
Beck Arnley 176-9033
Beck Arnley 176-9037
Beck Arnley 176-9042
Beck Arnley 176-9108
Beru 0001635700
Beru 0001635709
Beru 0001640700
Beru 0001640705
Beru 0002635100
Beru 0002635700
Beru 0002635701
Beru 0002640100
Beru 0002640700
Beru 14K-6DU
Beru 14K-6DU0
Beru 14K-7DU0
Beru 14K6D
Beru 14K7D
Beru 14K7DU
Beru 14KGR-6KQU
Beru 14KGR-7KQU
Beru 14KR-6DU
Beru 14KR-7 DU
Beru 14KR-7 DUX
Beru 14KR-7DU
Beru 14KR-7DUX
Beru 14KR7DU
Beru S1K
Beru UXT4
Beru Z127
Beru Z144
Beru Z17
Beru Z18
Beru Z25
Beru Z26
Beru Z56
Beru Z67
Beru Z95
Bosch +14
Bosch +18
Bosch +46
Bosch +5
Bosch 0241235776
Bosch 0241240552
Bosch 0241240610
Bosch 0242229655
Bosch 0242235607
Bosch 0242235661
Bosch 0242236560
Bosch 0242240519
Bosch 0242240522
Bosch 0242240569
Bosch 0242240591
Bosch H6DC
Bosch H6DP
Bosch H7DC
Bosch H7LDCR
Bosch H8DC
Bosch H9DC
Bosch HR10HCO
Bosch HR6D+
Bosch HR6DC
Bosch HR6DC+
Bosch HR6DP
Bosch HR6DP+
Bosch HR6DS
Bosch HR7D+
Bosch HR7DC
Bosch HR7DC+
Bosch HR7DC0
Bosch HR7DCX
Bosch HR7DCX+
Bosch HR7DP
Bosch HR8BC
Bosch HR8D+
Bosch HR8DC
Bosch HR8DCX
Bosch HR9DC
Bosch HR9HCO
Bosch HR9LCX
Bosch stk 7565
Bosch stk 7566
Bosch stk 7567
Bosch stk 7570
Bosch stk 7571
Bosch stk 7574
Bosch stk 7582
Brisk A-line 7
Brisk A-Line7
Brisk G15Y
Brisk G15YC
Brisk GR14ZC
Brisk GR15YC
Champion 2013
Champion 2015
Champion 2401
Champion 2407
Champion 2408
Champion 4401
Champion 4408
Champion BN89Y
Champion BN9Y
Champion EON3
Champion EON3/286
Champion EON3/287
Champion OE009/T10
Champion OE011
Champion OE011/R04
Champion OE011/T10
Champion OE020
Champion OE020/T10
Champion OE036/T10
Champion OE072/T10
Champion R59YC
Champion R59YCC
Champion RBN9Y
Champion RS10LC
Champion RS12YC
Champion RS13LYC
Champion RS14LC
Champion RS14YC
Champion RS14YC6
Champion RS15LYC
Champion RS17YX
Champion RS281YC
Champion RS9Y
Champion RS9YC
Champion RS9YCC
Champion RS9YCX
Champion RS9YX4
Champion S10YCC
Champion S279YC
Champion S281YC
Champion S9YC
Champion S9YCC
Champion S9YCX
Champion stk 13
Champion stk 15
Champion stk 2013
Champion stk 2015
Champion stk 2401
Champion stk 2407
Champion stk 2408
Champion stk 304
Champion stk 401
Champion stk 403
Champion stk 407
Champion stk 408
Champion stk 4401
Champion stk 4408
Champion stk 909
Citroen 5960G8
Citroen 5960J4
Citroen 596199
Citroen 596205
Citroen 596209
Citroen 596214
Citroen 596215
Citroen 59625W
Citroen 596261
Citroen 596272
Citroen 596281
Citroen 596287
Citroen 5962A7
Citroen 5962C2
Citroen 5962S1
Citroen 5967A7
Citroen 91517007
Citroen 97533994
Citroen ZB9000061U
Citroen ZB9000062U
Citroen ZB9862095U
Denso 067700-3140
Denso Iridium IT20
Denso Iridium IT22
Denso Iridium stk 5326
Denso Iridium stk 5327
Denso stk 5032
Eyquem 753LJS
Eyquem 755LJS
Eyquem 800LJS
Eyquem C52LJS
Eyquem C62LJS
Eyquem FET65P
Eyquem RC52LJS
Eyquem RC52LJS5
Eyquem RC62LJS
Eyquem RC62LJS5
Eyquem XC62LJS
Ford 1087278
Ford 1120824
Ford 1120825
Ford 1216460
Ford 5099342
Ford 5099721
Ford 5099723
Ford 5099739
Ford 5099741
Ford 5099766
Ford 5099781
Ford 6173150
Ford 87YF12405AC
Ford 87YF12405AD
Ford 87YF12405AE
Ford 89BF12405AC
Ford 920F12405BLA
Ford 978F12405AA
General Motors 25164644
General Motors 25167546
General Motors 5613601
General Motors 5613611
General Motors 5613717
General Motors 5613819
General Motors 5613981
General Motors 5613996
General Motors 5614001
General Motors 5614074
General Motors 5614197
General Motors 5614210
General Motors 92143446
Hitachi L44VPW
Iskra FET65P
Iskra FET65PRS
Iskra FET65PS
Jaguar NAB3850DA
Lancia 9151989280
Lodge B6Y
Lodge B6YR
Lodge HBLT
Magneti Marelli T7LC
Magneti Marelli T7LCR
Magneti Marelli TW78LP
Magneti Marelli TW78LPR
Magneti Marelli TW7LP
Magneti Marelli TW7LPR
Marchal Valeo M101
Mercedes 1021590003
Mercedes 1031590003
Mercedes 21594903
Mercedes 21595603
Mercedes 21596603
Mercedes 21596803
Mercedes 21596903
Mercedes 21597603
Mercedes 31590603
Mercedes 31590703
Mercedes 31592303
Mercedes 31593403
Mercedes 31593503
Mercedes A0021594903
Mercedes A0021595603
Mercedes A0021596603
Mercedes A0021596803
Mercedes A0021596903
Mercedes A0021597603
Mercedes A0031590603
Mercedes A0031590703
Mercedes A0031592303
Mercedes A0031593403
Mercedes A0031593503
Mercedes A1021590003
Mercedes A1031590003
Mighty M4GRF32
Mighty M4GRF52
Mopar 4318134
Mopar 4504278
Mopar 82300318
Mopar 82300319
Mopar 82300321
Mopar 82300325
Motorcraft AGF22
Motorcraft AGF22C
Motorcraft AGFS22C1
Motorcraft AGFS22FE
Motorcraft AGFS22FE13J
Motorcraft AGFS32C1
Motorcraft AGRF12C
Motorcraft AGRF2
Motorcraft AGRF22
Motorcraft AGRF22C
Motorcraft AGRF22C1
Motorcraft AGRF22CD
Motorcraft AGRF22PP
Motorcraft AGRF32
Motorcraft AGRF32C1
Motorcraft AGRP44
Motorcraft AGSF2
Motorcraft AGSF22C
Motorcraft AGSF24C
Motorcraft AGSF24N
Motorcraft AGSF32C
Motorcraft AGSF32CF6
Motorcraft AGSF33C
Motorcraft AGSF34C
Motorcraft AGSF34EE
Motorcraft AGSF34EEM
Motorcraft AGSF34FM
Motorcraft AGSF34FP
Motorcraft AHGSF22C
Motorcraft ASF32C
Motorcraft AWRF32
Motorcraft AWSF22C
Motorcraft AWSF22E
Motorcraft AWSF32
Motorcraft AWSF32C
Motorcraft AWSF42C
Motorcraft AWSF52C
Motorcraft AWSFA32C
Motorcraft stk 115
Motorcraft stk 15
Motorcraft stk 19
Motorcraft stk 27
Motorcraft stk 32
Motorcraft stk 33
Motorcraft stk 44
Motorcraft stk 5
Motorcraft stk 8
NGK 1183
NGK 2042
NGK 2238
NGK 2547
NGK 3177
NGK 3488
NGK 3623
NGK 3812
NGK 4177
NGK 4665
NGK 6078
NGK 6466
NGK 6488
NGK 6837
NGK 7060
NGK 7837
NGK 92406
NGK 95626
NGK TR55-1
NGK stk 1094
NGK stk 2238
NGK stk 3623
NGK stk 5373
NGK stk 6837
NGK stk 7060
PAL (Brisk) G15Y
PAL (Brisk) G15YC
PAL (Brisk) GR14ZC
PAL (Brisk) GR15YC
Peugeot 5960G8
Peugeot 5960J4
Peugeot 596199
Peugeot 596205
Peugeot 596209
Peugeot 596214
Peugeot 596215
Peugeot 59625W
Peugeot 596261
Peugeot 596272
Peugeot 596281
Peugeot 596287
Peugeot 5962A7
Peugeot 5962C2
Peugeot 5962S1
Peugeot 5967A7
Peugeot 91517007
Peugeot 97533994
Peugeot ZB9000061U
Peugeot ZB9000062U
Peugeot ZB9862095U
Proton LBP6EFS
Renault 7700267140
Renault 7700500072
Renault 7700500084
Renault 7700722095
Renault 7700722395
Renault 7700737458
Renault 7701021767
Renault 7701041215
Renault 7701366137
Renault 7701366270
Renault 7701366514
Rover GSP361
Splitfire SF10D
Splitfire SF10D6
Splitfire SF514D
Splitfire SF516D
Splitfire SF524E
Splitfire SM010D
Tacti V9110-5032
Torch Q5RTC
Torch Q6RTC
Torch Q6RY
Torch Q6TC
Unipart GSP2006
Unipart GSP2012
Unipart GSP2027
Unipart GSP2101
Unipart GSP2102
Unipart GSP361
Unipart GSP4563
Unipart GSP4563X
Unipart GSP4663
Unipart GSP4663X
Unipart GSP6563
Unipart GSP6663
Unipart GSP6663X
Valeo 246868
Valeo C68H
Valeo C72H
Valeo C8H
Valeo M101
Valeo RC68H
Valeo RC72H
Valeo RC72H11
Valeo SCGT35H
Volvo 1269915
Volvo 2735991
VW Group 101000010AB
VW Group 101000015AA
VW Group 101000029AA
VW Group 101000029AB
VW Group 101000052AA
VW Group 101000052AB

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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