Valeo 246868 - Возможные свечи зажигания

Альтернативные свечи зажигания для valeo 246868:

Brand Model
ACDelco R42-5LTS
ACDelco R425LTS
ACDelco R42LTS
ACDelco R43LTS
Autolite 103
Autolite 104
Autolite 3243
Autolite 3244
Autolite 764
Beru 14K-6DU0
Beru 14K6DU0
Beru 14KR-6DU
Beru 14KR-7DU
Beru 14KR-7DUX
Beru 14KR6DU
Beru 14KR7DU
Beru 14KR7DUX
Beru Z26
Beru Z55
Beru Z56
Beru Z67
Beru Z95
Bosch 242229655
Bosch 242229879
Bosch 242235538
Bosch 242235661
Bosch 242235908
Bosch 242236560
Bosch 242240591
Bosch 242240848
Bosch HR6D
Bosch HR6D+
Bosch HR6DC
Bosch HR6DC+
Bosch HR6DP
Bosch HR6DS
Bosch HR7D
Bosch HR7D+
Bosch HR7DC
Bosch HR7DC+
Bosch HR7DCO
Bosch HR7DCX
Bosch HR7DCX+
Bosch HR7DCY
Bosch HR7DCY+
Bosch WA200TR30
Brisk GR15YC
Champion OE011
Champion OE020
Champion R43LTS
Champion RBN9Y
Champion RS9YC
Champion RS9YCC
Denso T20EPR-U
Denso T20EPRU
Eyquem RC52LJS
Eyquem RC62LJS
Febi Bilstein 13438
Febi Bilstein 13442
Febi Bilstein 13443
Febi Bilstein 13444
Fiat 7910247204
Ford 5099766
Iskra FET65PRS
Magneti Marelli T7LCR
Magneti Marelli TW78LPR
Magneti Marelli TW7LPR
Motorcraft AGFS22C
Motorcraft AGFS22C1
Motorcraft AGFS22CM1
Motorcraft AGFS32C1
Motorcraft AGRF22
Motorcraft AGRF22C
Motorcraft AGRF22C1
Motorcraft AGRF32
Motorcraft AWRF32
Motorcraft AWSF22C
Motorcraft AWSF32
Motorcraft AWSF32C
MOTRIO 8671004065
MOTRIO 8671016882
NGK 3623
Peugeot 59625P
Peugeot 59625Q
Peugeot 59625T
Peugeot 59625W
Prestolite 14GRF22
Renault 7700266295
Renault 7700500072
Renault 7700714540
Renault 8671004065
Renault 8671016882
Unipart GSP461
Unipart GSP4663
Unipart GSP6663
Valeo RC72H
Volvo 270590
Volvo 273541
Volvo 273599

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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