Beru UXT4 - Возможные свечи зажигания

Подробнее о beru UXT4:

  • Threaddiameter: M 14x1,25
  • Threadreach: 17.5 mm
  • Hexsize: 16 mm
  • Terminaltype: SAE/M4

Альтернативные свечи зажигания для beru UXT4:

Brand Model
ACDelco R42CLTS6
ACDelco R6602
Autolite 764
Autolite 765
Bosch +14SuperPlus
Bosch +35SuperPlus
Bosch +46SuperPlus
Bosch +5SuperPlus
Bosch 0241225558
Bosch 0241225573
Bosch 0241225588
Bosch 0241229617
Bosch 0241229649
Bosch 0241235635
Bosch 0241235636
Bosch 0241235668
Bosch 0241235675
Bosch 0241235681
Bosch 0241235753
Bosch 0242225534
Bosch 0242229655
Bosch 0242229775
Bosch 0242229879
Bosch 0242232507
Bosch 0242235538
Bosch 0242235542
Bosch 0242235592
Bosch 0242235661
Bosch 0242235908
Bosch 0242235979
Bosch 0242236560
Bosch 14SuperPlus
Bosch 35SuperPlus
Bosch 46SuperPlus
Bosch 5SuperPlus
Bosch H7DC
Bosch H7DC0
Bosch H8DC
Bosch H8DC0
Bosch H9DC
Bosch H9DC0
Bosch HR78
Bosch HR7DC
Bosch HR7DC+
Bosch HR7DCX
Bosch HR7DCX+
Bosch HR8DC
Bosch HR8DC+
Bosch HR8DCX
Bosch HR8DCX+
Bosch HR9DCX
Bosch N10
Bosch N13
Bosch N24
Bosch WA125T30
Bosch WA125TR30
Bosch WA175T30
Champion BN12Y
Champion CET9
Champion CET9SB
Champion EON3
Champion EON3286
Champion EON3287
Champion OE011
Champion OE020
Champion OE036
Champion RBN14Y4
Champion RS12YC
Champion RS9YC
Champion RS9YCC
Champion RS9YCC4
Champion S10YC
Champion S10YCC
Champion S12YC
Champion S12YCC
Champion S9YC
Champion S9YCC
Citroen 91517008
Citroen 95611941
Citroen 97535383
Denso T16EPR-U
Denso T16EPR-U15
Denso T20EP-U
Denso T20EPR-U
Denso T20EPR-U15
Eberspächer C52LJS
Eberspächer C62LJS
Eberspächer J65
Eberspächer RC52LJS
Eberspächer RC52LJS5
Eyquem RC62LJS
Ford 1012639
Ford 5099741
Ford 6173150
Iskra FET55PS
Iskra FET65PRS
Iskra FET65PS
Mercedes 0001629401
Mercedes 001635400
Mercedes 0021593503
Mercedes 0021593703
Mercedes 0021594903
Mercedes 0021595403
Mercedes 0021595603
Mercedes 0021595703
Mercedes 0021595803
Mercedes 0021596603
Mercedes 0021597603
Mercedes 0021597607
Mercedes 0021597703
Mercedes 0021597803
Mercedes 0031590403
Mercedes 0031590503
Mercedes 0031590603
Mercedes 0031592303
Mercedes 0031592403
Mercedes 0031592803
Mercedes 0031593503
Mercedes 0031593603
Mercedes 0031593703
Mercedes 1021590003
Mercedes 1021590103
Mercedes 1021590203
Mercedes 1021590303
Mercedes 1021590503
Mercedes 1021590603
Mercedes 1021591003
Mercedes 1021591103
Mercedes 1031590001
Mercedes 1031590003
Mercedes A0031593503
Mercedes A0031593603
Mercedes A0031593703
Motorcraft AGFS22C
Motorcraft AGFS22C1
Motorcraft AGFS32C1
Motorcraft AGRF22
Motorcraft AGRF22C
Motorcraft AGRF22C1
Motorcraft AGRF22CD
Motorcraft AGRF22CD1
Motorcraft AGRF32C1
Motorcraft AGRF52
Motorcraft AWRF42
Motorcraft AWSF32
Motorcraft AWSF32C
Motorcraft AWSF42
Motorcraft AWSF42C
Motorcraft AWSF52
Motorcraft AWSF52C
NGK 1183
NGK 2609
NGK 3623
NGK 3712
NGK 3784
NGK 3812
NGK 4392
NGK 6344
NGK 6466
NGK V-Line31
PAL (Brisk) G15Y
PAL (Brisk) G15YC
PAL (Brisk) G17Y
PAL (Brisk) G17YC
PAL (Brisk) GR15YC
Peugeot 596205
Peugeot 596247
Peugeot 596248
Peugeot 596268
Peugeot 596272
Peugeot 5962C0
Peugeot 9151700380
Peugeot 9151700680
Peugeot 9151944680
Peugeot CC10
Renault 6001040543
Renault 7700500072
Renault 7700714317
Renault 7700714540
Renault 7700855918
Renault 7701041215
Renault 7701366270
Renault 7701366514
Renault 7701414030
Renault 7701414038
Renault 7701414058
Renault 7701414138
Renault 7701417651
Valeo C72H
Valeo RC72H
Valeo RC72H11
VW Group 101000015AA
VW Group 101000015AC
VW Group N10125105
VW Group Z057145

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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