DENSO K20PR-U - Возможные свечи зажигания

Подробнее о DENSO K20PR-U:

  • Threaddiameter: 14mm
  • Threadreach: 19mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 16mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: Standard construction
  • Terminaltype: Solid

Альтернативные свечи зажигания для DENSO K20PR-U:

Brand Model
Accel 784
ACDelco 41-602
ACDelco 41-604
ACDelco 41602
Alfa Romeo 60571785
Autolite 3923
Autolite 3924
Autolite 5125
Autolite 602
Autolite AR3923
Beck Arnley 176-5178
Beck Arnley 176-5226
Beck Arnley 176-5232
Beru 0001330780
Beru 0002335707
Beru 0002335717
Beru 0002336724
Beru 0002340702
Beru 14F-8DUR
Beru 14FR-6DU
Beru 14FR-7DU
Beru 14FR-7DU2
Beru 14FR6DU
Beru 14FR7DU
Beru 14FR7DUW
Beru UXT1
Beru UXT3
Beru Z15
Beru Z193
Beru Z227
Beru Z24
Beru Z247
Bosch +13
Bosch +8
Bosch 0242235640
Bosch 0242235666
Bosch 0242235797
Bosch 0242240577
Bosch 0242240593
Bosch DR10GC0
Bosch F7DER
Bosch F8DC
Bosch FR6D+
Bosch FR6DC
Bosch FR6DC+
Bosch FR6DC2
Bosch FR6DC4
Bosch FR6DE
Bosch FR7D+
Bosch FR7DC
Bosch FR7DC+
Bosch FR7DC0
Bosch FR7DC2
Bosch FR7DC9
Bosch FR7DCU
Bosch FR7DCX
Bosch FR7DE
Bosch FR7DE2
Bosch FR8DCX
Bosch stk 7556
Bosch stk 7557
Bosch stk 7560
Brisk A-line 12
Brisk A-Line12
Champion 2338
Champion 3344
Champion 4430
Champion 9GYSSR
Champion OE002/R04
Champion OE002/T10
Champion OE005
Champion OE033
Champion OE033/R04
Champion OE033/T10
Champion OE034
Champion OE034/R04
Champion OE034/T10
Champion OE102
Champion OE102/T10
Champion OE119
Champion OE119/T10
Champion OE127
Champion OE127/T10
Champion RC10YCC
Champion RC12YC
Champion RC14YC
Champion RC281YC
Champion RC87YC
Champion RC87YCC
Champion RC87YCL
Champion RC8YC
Champion RC8YCC
Champion RC8YCL
Champion RC8YLC
Champion RC9Y
Champion RC9YC
Champion RC9YCC
Champion RC9YCE
Champion RF14LC
Champion XC10YC
Champion stk 130
Champion stk 344
Champion stk 431
Champion stk 71
CHERY A11-3707110CA
Chrysler 4671057
Chrysler 5269897
Citroen 59525G
Citroen 596015
Citroen 596096
Citroen 5960C1
Citroen 5960F0
Citroen 5960G5
Citroen 5960J2
Citroen 5960J3
Citroen 5960J5
Citroen 5960J6
Citroen 5960J9
Citroen 59620V
Citroen 59620W
Citroen 59621K
Citroen 59622W
Citroen 59624W
Citroen 59625G
Citroen 59626K
Citroen 59626L
Citroen 59626V
Citroen 596271
Citroen 59627Q
Citroen 59627S
Citroen 5962C5
Citroen 5962C6
Citroen 5962E2
Citroen 5962E3
Citroen 5962H2
Citroen 5962J9
Citroen 5962K1
Citroen 5962K2
Citroen 5962K4
Citroen 5962K6
Citroen 5962R9
Citroen 5962S3
Citroen 5962T9
Citroen 5962V2
Citroen 5962X9
Citroen 5962Z2
Citroen 96024614
Citroen 96089220
Dacia 6001544293
Dacia 6001544609
Daihatsu 90048-51151
Daihatsu 90048-51152
Denso 067700-6310
Denso Iridium IK20
Denso Iridium IQ16
Denso Iridium stk 5301
Denso Iridium stk 5304
Denso stk 3145
Eyquem RFC52LS
Eyquem RFC58LS
Eyquem RFC58LZK
Eyquem RFN52LZ
Eyquem RFN58LZ
Fiat 46417010
Fiat 46480362
Fiat 46548478
Fiat 46821457
Fiat 5894586
Fiat 71711807
Fiat 71711808
Fiat 7546519
Fiat 7571541
Fiat 7571576
Fiat 7772453
Fiat 9628000280
Fiat 9636419280
Fiat 9639814380
Ford 1110500
Ford 1120829
Ford 1120830
Ford 5099727
Ford 5099777
Ford 5099833
Ford 92OF12045EB
General Motors 5613796
General Motors 5614062
General Motors 5614285
General Motors 5614291
General Motors 90357582
General Motors 90423215
General Motors 90442210
General Motors 96068562
General Motors 96068563
Hyundai 18814-08061
Hyundai 18814-08062
Hyundai 18823-08091
Hyundai 27400-18110
Isuzu 8-97012928-0
Isuzu 8-97012930-0
Jaguar EBC11480
JEEP 33003862
Kia K2AA18100
Kia K9A718110
Landrover NLP10003
Lotus A100E6277S
Magneti Marelli 7LPR
Magneti Marelli CT6KMR
Magneti Marelli L7LDCR
Mazda BP4918110
Mazda BP5018110
Mazda IA5018110
Mercedes 31594003
Mercedes 41592603
Mercedes A0031594003
Mercedes A0041592603
Mitsubishi MS851368
Mitsubishi MS851738
Mopar 56006240
Motorcraft 1Y07-18-110
Motorcraft 1Y0718110
Motorcraft AGPR22C
Motorcraft AGPR32C
Motorcraft AGS44
Motorcraft AGSP32C
Motorcraft BSF44C
Motorcraft stk 21
Motorcraft stk 35
Motorcraft stk 6
Napa X973
NGK 09-06-05
NGK 28
NGK 3783
NGK 4619
NGK 4856
NGK 4876
NGK 5375
NGK 6717
NGK 6962
NGK 7373
NGK 94067
NGK V-Line38
NGK stk 2438
NGK stk 3783
NGK stk 6962
NGK stk 7373
Nissan 22401-1N516
Nissan 22401-20J06
Nissan 22401-70J19
Nissan 22401-8651R
Opel 1214144
Peugeot 59525G
Peugeot 596015
Peugeot 596096
Peugeot 5960C1
Peugeot 5960F0
Peugeot 5960G5
Peugeot 5960J2
Peugeot 5960J3
Peugeot 5960J5
Peugeot 5960J6
Peugeot 5960J9
Peugeot 59620V
Peugeot 59620W
Peugeot 59621K
Peugeot 59622W
Peugeot 59624W
Peugeot 59625G
Peugeot 59626K
Peugeot 59626L
Peugeot 59626V
Peugeot 596271
Peugeot 59627Q
Peugeot 59627S
Peugeot 5962C5
Peugeot 5962C6
Peugeot 5962E2
Peugeot 5962E3
Peugeot 5962H2
Peugeot 5962J9
Peugeot 5962K1
Peugeot 5962K2
Peugeot 5962K4
Peugeot 5962K6
Peugeot 5962R9
Peugeot 5962S3
Peugeot 5962T9
Peugeot 5962V2
Peugeot 5962X9
Peugeot 5962Z2
Peugeot 96024614
Peugeot 96089220
Prestolite 18RF32
Renault 7700273462
Renault 7700274004
Renault 7700274154
Renault 7700274155
Renault 7700500155
Renault 7700500180
Renault 8200020791
Renault 8200020796
Renault 8200021856
Renault 8200033622
Renault 8200656784
Renault 8671004086
Renault 8933003862
Rover GSP4662
Rover GSP6652
Rover GSP6662
Rover GSP7662
Rover XHM279
Rover XHM281
Splitfire SF392C
Subaru 22401-KA150
Suzuki 09482-00427
Suzuki 09482-00429
Suzuki 09482-00505
Tacti V9110-2047
Tacti V9110-3145
Torch K5RTC
Torch K6RF
Torch K6RFP
Torch K6RTC
Torch K6RTC-9
Torch K6RTC9
Unipart GSP2001
Unipart GSP2007
Unipart GSP4662
Unipart GSP664
Unipart GSP6662
Unipart GSP6662X
Valeo 246851
Valeo RF74HZDC
Volvo 2714277
Volvo 271603
Volvo 2716363
Volvo 271727
Volvo 3517980
VW Group 004081161A
VW Group 101905610A
VW Group 199917766

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